Custom Itinerary

Neuschwanstein Castle, Fussen, Germany

If you are planning a trip abroad but don’t enjoy the group travel scene with all of the limitations such as fixed dates, fixed times, rushing by each attraction without remembering what you saw, let us at Unikke Travel design a custom itinerary for you based on the countries and cities you would like to see, your budget, method of travel, length of stay and personal interests.

Our team of custom travel experts is always working to make our tours more fun and memorable for our travelers and is committed to provide you a worry-free, effortless, and exclusive motorcoach package to the destination of your choice.

We specialize in creating custom itineraries utilizing our experience and close relationships with suppliers and we are experts in creating and delivering quality services and unforgettable experiences at affordable prices.

We will not hesitate to go above and beyond to make sure each traveler is having a wonderful experience. We take pride in the fact that many of our customers were referred by past customers or are repeat customers themselves.

Providing extremely high-quality and personalized service and delivering extraordinary experiences is our goal and we can assist in coordinating every detail of your travel plans.

Contact our custom travel experts today and start your world adventure here!

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